This project reconstructs the Overlook Hotel from Stanley Kubrick's 'The Shining'. It is a chance to experience the eerieness of the set, which has been widely hailed as one of the most interesting sets in cinematic history, in virtual reality using the Oculus Rift. An attempt has been made to reconstruct the set as authentically as possible.


Living Room

The living room reconstructs several elements from the movie such as a bar which was featured in the 'Gold Room' of the hotel. The room also contains three pieces of Navajo art, keeping in mind that the Overlook Hotel was built on an Indian Burial ground. The movie itself features American Indian art heavily, and the paintings in the living room are a tribute to the same. Also features a typewriter on a desk, presumably Jack Nicholson's workspace. One of the most interesting things about the living room is the carpet which has been reconstructed as shown in the movie. This was done by applying an image as a texture to the surface of the floor. This particular carpet is featured in an iconic shot where Danny is seen playing with miniature cars.

The living room also constantly plays a gregorian chant called 'Dies Irae', a latin hymn that describes the Day of Judgement where the saved will be delivered and the damned will be cast into eternal flames. Coincidentally, as I learnt only later, this piece was actually featured in the soundtrack of the movie itself!

Danny's Room

Danny's room which is featured a few times in the movie, reveals a wall that is plastered heavily with cartoon characters, which have been reconstructed to a certain extent with a sticker of Mickey Mouse as well and Courage the cowardly dog(the movie originally featured Snoopy from peanuts). This room also contains several toys as well as the iconic blue tricycle that became the focus of long tracking shots in the twisting and turning corridors featured in the set.

The Restroom

The restroom featured in the movie where Jack Nicholson meets an imaginary(?) Butler, is well remembered for its vivid aesthetic. Barring the mirrors, the model reconstructs the room pretty well.

The Maze

Though not an exact replica of the maze featured in the movie, the maze in the model was an endeavor to add some unexpected and fun thing to do in the walkthrough. It also features some hidden objects that are relevant to the theme and can surprise the viewer, such as a Minotaur roars when the user gets closer as well as a Jack Torrance memorial!

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